Desevaux is a family brewery based in Belgium in the province of Hainaut. Our ale beers are brewed using only natural ingredients and are refermented in the pure tradition of the artisanal beers for which Belgium is famous.
Among these natural ingredients, we would particularly highlight traditional cereals and grains such as oats and buckwheat.

Started in 2009, the brewery was established a few years later in an old farm in Boussu ‘La ferme du Hanneton’ where you will feel the friendly and country atmosphere.

This peaceful setting is perfect for a family brewery wishing to offer you tasty traditional beers while paying special attention to sustainable development.

The water used in the brewing process, which gives our beers their unique character, is sourced in the heart of the Hanneton valley.

These ingredients have been selected for their originality, tastiness, and the sustainability of their production.

Our beers are brewed without spices to maximize the potential of raw materials.