Our Beers


[ Not organic/Organic ; 33cl/75cl ]

Vol alc : 6,5% ~ Tasting T° : 3-5°C

Our Sarazen beer will seduce you with its beautiful golden colour and its subtle sweetness due to the influence of the buckwheat. This beer is flavorful, it has fruity aromas.

AVENA Saison

[ Not organic/Organic ; 33cl/75cl ]

Vol alc : 5,5% ~ Tasting T° : 3-5°C

Our Saison Avena beer is brewed in the pure tradition of the “Saison” of the province of Hainaut from two grains, oats and malted barley. It exhibits a fine hop-like aroma. Avena is a thirst-quenching beer which will surprise you !

Sarazen Brune

[ Not organic/Organic ; 33cl/75cl ]

Vol alc : 8,0% ~ Tasting T° : 6-8°C

Our brown Sarazen is brewed from 3 kinds of grains: barley malt, buckwheat and rye. An enchanting brown beer with a remarkable light and fresh taste.

Sarazen Triple

[ Not organic ; 33cl/75cl ]

Vol alc : 8,5% ~ Tasting T° : 6-9°C

The Sarazen triple, full of character, will enchant you.

With his perfect balance between fruity and complex aromas, this beer will meet the expectations of the most demanding beer tasters.

Blanche de Boussu

[ Organic ; 33cl ]

Vol alc : 4,8% ~ Proeftemperatuur : 3-5°C

Brewed with respect for the tradition of Belgian white beers. A slightly tart and ratherrounded flavour for a very thirst-quenching outcome !

Sarazen de Noël

[ Not-organic ; 33cl/75cl ]

[ Organic ; 33cl ]

Vol alc : 9% ~ T° de dégustation : 6-9°C

The Sarazen de Noël (Christmas),  is full of character, rich flavor and complex aromas with a hint of licorice. To drink with family or good friends … at the fireside.

Our packaging​

Discovery pack

4x33cl + 1  Sarazen glass

Bound valisette



2x75cl + 2 verres assortis

[Disponible en version Sarazen ou Avena] 



Rack 33cl


Rack 75cl


Cardboard Box 33cl


Beer keg (INOX)

Inox – Tête plate – 20l